Gambling Strategy including blackjack strategy tables.

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Best places to play low house edge table games:

UK EU   Bet Victor (recommended)

Popular UK bookies with full range of betting options including an online casino, poker and sports betting.
Highly secure and trustworthy, with rapid payments and no-nonsense cashback bonuses. Includes live casino games with real dealers on webcam, and both low and high limit tables. The game with the lowest house edge is the Single Deck blackjack by Amaya software. Another interesting game with a very low house edge is Double Exposure Blackjack, where both the dealers cards are shown

  32 Red Casino

Over 500 casino games and slots from industry standard, Microgaming.
Includes many blackjack variations, including high payout Single Deck Classic Blackjack, Single Deck Vegas Strip (hole card game) and French Roulette with the player friendly La Partage rule

Our #1 recommended place to play:

UK casino live

Recommended - BetVictor - from Victor Chandler

BetVictor has a huge number of gaming options, including the largest number of live dealer rooms available online.
The live casino games offers betting limits from £5 to £25,000.
Ideal for double-up systems. Live dealer games include baccarat, blackjack and roulette.
The live webcam streaming is the best we have found - extremely smooth and clear. There are a number of different tables and dealers available that you can switch between easily. Four different casino studios are playable - from the UK, Europe, and Asia - all with local dealers.

Victor Chandler is one of Europes biggest gaming firms - If you are lucky enough to have a huge win, you will have no problem getting paid instantly, with no delays or hassle. Highly Recommended.

live blackjack  live roulette

Live dealers at BetVICTOR live casino. (no US players)

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Four live casino studios with European, Asian and British dealers.
The London Casino offers local English male dealers with lots of friendly chat and cheeky banter, while the European and Asian casinos offer elegant female dealers with a polite and professional manner. Includes an exclusive BetVictor live casino room for site members only.

Low and high limit tables available.
Blackjack bets from £5 to £15000 per hand.
The High limit tables are suitable for double-up strategy players.

Great cashback deals are found here, with no silly wagering rules.
Cashback is genuine cash, not 'bonus money' and you are free to play or withdraw at any time.

Blackjack Strategy Charts at the touch of a button.

Built-In Charts included at 32 Red !!

UK casino live  32 RED Casino    (no US players accepted)

Table Games and Slots - New player bonus available.

32 Red Casino offers built-in strategy charts for its blackjack and other table games. No need to leave the online casino software to check a gambling strategy table for optimal play.
There are over 20 blackjack variations, including multi-hand games, and live tournaments. Look for the 'Gold' tables for the highest standard in virtual table games. Games are powered by a secure random number generator, checked and audited as 100% random.
One popular game available here is the Blackjack REDEAL game, which offers players the choice to replace the player or dealer card for a price. This adds a further degree of strategy and interaction. You can greatly reduce the risk of losing hands, at the cost of less profit per winning hand.

vegas blackjack strategy    blackjack strategy table


Simply click the 'Strategy' button for instant access to the charts for the statistically best gambling advice. You may have to enable 'expert' mode first.
Autohold and autoplay options are also available for videopoker games .
32 Red is one of the most popular casinos available in the UK, with many thousands of regular daily players. This was one of very first casinos online - established in 1995.

The casino is fully licensed in the UK territory of Gibraltar, and payout percentages are independently audited every month by PCW and made available on the site*
This is a casino you can trust. Gaming software is licensed from industry standard, Microgaming Systems, and is verified as completely random.

Approved by Players association, Ecogra.

*Payouts are above Vegas standards with up to 99.9% for table games.
Classic Blackjack Gold, and Single deck Vegas Strip Blackjack are the games with the highest payout rates, along with Jacks or Better videopoker.
Single deck blackjack have favourable player rules with a house edge of only 0.1% and other MG Vegas Strip and Atlantic City games have a house edge of only 0.36%.
Other high payout variations can also be found here.
Single deck games are generally best, because of the slightly higher ratio of ten cards and aces - meaning you are more likely to draw blackjacks, and win doubles and splits. The dealer is also more likely to bust when the player stands.

- We have added a strategy page Double Exposure Blackjack -
This is a popular BJ variation where both dealers hands are shown face up.
The game offers great player odds, with only a small house edge..
You can see when the dealer has a weak hand - and choose to stand more than normal, hoping the dealer will bust. Splitting 10's is also a common option here.


You can play blackjack from £1 per hand, up to £5000 a hand for the high rollers. High limit blackjack games or high limit roulette tables are available under the VIP GOLD tables.



Learn the blackjack tables by heart, and you will have almost equal odds with the house.
Blackjack is the casino game with the lowest casino profit margin, assuming a player plays with optimum strategy. Generally the house advantage can be reduced to well under 1%.

Some basic blackjack strategy rules apply to most games::

- Never split 10's
- Split Aces and 8's
- Never take insurance
- Hit until at least 17 if the dealers card is a 10.
- Stand on hard 13-16 (without an ace), if the dealers card is 6 or under.
(One of the most common mistakes for a beginner to make is to hit on 13-16, if the dealers card is under 6 - A dealer has more chance of going bust than the player has of getting a better hand.)
- It is very advantageous to play on a blackjack table in which the dealer has to stand on Soft 17 (dealers hand includes an ace)
Make sure that blackjack ALWAYS pays out at the typical 3:2 . Some Vegas style tables have slightly lower 6:5 payouts for blackjack, which greatly increases the overall odds to the casino's benefit. Some single deck games online also have this payout rate, so beware. The single deck BJ from 'Play N Go' software has a 6:5 payout for blackjacks which completely negates any advantages from one deck play.


One common blackjack strategy is to vary the bet size. Although it does not change the basic odds, many players feel that they like to 'ride the waves' of good fortune.
Naturally occuring patterns are often seen where streaks occur, and some players hope to capitalise on winning streaks, by doubling up on their bets - two, three or four times in a row.

Conversely, another strategy is to double up after a run of bad cards - anticipating that the run is about to come to an end.

Blackjack played perfectly over the long run offers roughly 50/50 odds with the house, which can often result in not winning or losing very much, when played at a small bet size.
Many players prefer to vary the bet size, which will tend to result in sessions with the potential for bigger wins or losses than normal.
When ahead, some players like to consider that they are playing with 'house money', and take more risks than when they are losing.

One sensible strategy is to pick a reasonable win size at which you will quit playing, eg if you have doubled or trebled your money.

In the long run, over thousands of hands, the house edge will come into play.
But short term, anything is possible - and if you find yourself in a situation with a nice win, then it makes sense to walk away with a profit, rather than riding your luck and always trying for more.

It's a far better feeling to walk away a winner, even for a small amount, than ending up losing - knowing that you should have quit while you were ahead.

- Microgaming Software - 0.13% House Edge
(Same rules apply to SINGLE DECK BLACKJACK - Amaya software)
(Single deck, no peek, Dealer stand on soft 17, Multiple cards to split Aces, Double on hard 9,10,11 only)

classic blackjack gold

(Standing on a pair of sevens is based on only having 2 sevens left in the pack during a single deck game -
In this situation, the odds are slightly better when standing instead of hitting - and hoping that the dealer busts)

VEGAS STRIP BLACKJACK STRATEGY CHART - Microgaming Software - 0.36% house edge
(4 decks, Dealer stands on soft 17, Hole Card - dealer peeks)

vegas strip blackjack strategy

Microgaming also has a Vegas Strip single deck blackjack which offers very good odds for players.
Difference is the dealer hitting instead of standing on soft 17.
Hole card games (where the dealer peeks for blackjack) can prevent money being lost on doubles and splits in situations where it would be beneficial to do so with a European style 'no-hole card' game. eg players can't double up on Aces v 10's if the dealer has blackjack, and splitting 8's is beneficial to player odds if no dealer blackjack is confirmed.

- Microgaming Software - 0.36% house edge
(8 decks, Surrender option, Hole Card, Dealer must stand on Soft 17)

atlantic city blackjack strategy


Never play American Roulette as the wheel contains 2 zeros, compared to European Roulette with a single zero. The house edge in American roulette is double that of European roulette. The French Roulette variation has the best odds of all, but many players are unaware of this advantage.
Players on these tables have half their chips returned on even-money bets, if the ball lands in the green zero segment.
You can play French Roulette at Bet Victor Casino.

Remember the saying ' the wheel has no memory' . The electronic display near roulette wheels, showing previous results, can deceive players into thinking that they can beat the house with a version of the Martingale System - an old gambling tactic, where players double up on the next spin whenever they lose.

However, each new spin is a completely independent event and is not influenced by what has happened before. Even if Red has came up 10 times in a row, the probability of hitting black on the next spin is unchanged at 50/50.
If a player had an unlimited bankroll, then they would eventually win their money back by doubling up. However, all casinos employ a table limit with a maximum amout that can be placed on each spin, restricting the amount of times that such tactics can be used. If you do like this type of system, make sure you have a casino with high table limits, and a bankroll that can handle it !!



Texas Holdem is the number one type of poker played online, and the first game to learn.
You can learn the basic rules first from hundreds of poker sites online or books.
But there is no substiture for actually playing lots of hands.
We recommend signing up at an online poker room to practice your skills
- but DO NOT play at the free tables.
Instead, play at the low limit fixed-bet tables to begin to hone your skills.

Players at free tables play completely unrealistically, calling almost every card. When real money is at stake, even for low amounts, people will begin to play normally.
You can play for as little as 0.05 a bet at the fixed limit tables, then move up the tables until you are good enough for 'no-limit' poker - the most popular form of holdem.

As you move up the tables you will realize that players play much tighter - often only playing the best starting sets of hands, eg AA, AK,AQ,AJ, KQ, high pairs, and Ace suited hands.
Good poker players generally play less than 1 in 4 starting hands.

Intermediate Players

Learn about position
The best place to be is 'on the button' - that is the player who currently holds the rotating dealer button. That way you have the advantage of seeing how everyone else has played the hand, before you make your move. You have a chance to bluff and 'steal the blinds' if everyone else has folded..
Whereas, if you have a mediocre hand with 7 players left to play, chances are you will be facing a few players that will raise or call with a better hand.

Learn about pot odds
Knowing the pot-odds helps to determine whether to 'draw' or not - whether it is worth placing a bet to try to make a hand. This is where mathematics and statistics comes in. Good players can statistically calculate if it is worth trying to make your hand. The pot odds are calculated by comparing your bet size to the total size of the pot
eg 4:1 or 20%

To calculate the size of bet you can make, you have to know how many 'outs' you have and divide that by the number of unknown cards.

eg if you have a flush draw on the flop, there are 9 remaining suited cards out of 47 unknowns.
The odds of making your hand on the turn are 9/47 = 19%

Generally you should only play if you have to put a lower percentage into the pot than your chance of winning the pot. Although you still might not get your desired card, over the long term this is a winning strategy.

Practice and learn to adjust your play
Poker strategy changes depending on game type, how many players are in a game, how the other players are playing, and the size of the blinds.
When playing 'heads-up' or 1 on 1 poker, you obviously have to play more frequently with hands that you would normally fold. As you play more you will learn how you have to play looser, tighter or more aggressively to take advantage of certain situations.
Another example is the various stages of tournament play - it is often not necessary to win every game, but just to get into the top few places to progress to the next stage. If you have a good chip lead, it is sensible to tighten up, protect your bankroll and preserve your position.

Poker Strategy - click here for a handy guide to some online holdem poker tactics and strategies.

Best poker starting hands
A-A, K-K, Q-Q, J-J, 10-10, A-K suited, AQ suited, AJ suited, KQ suited, AK offsuit

play poker at bet365

UK casino live  European live casino   Check out Bet365 - the #1 multiplayer poker room

USpoker In the USA ?
Our favourite poker room for American players is Bovada - a US site by the popular Bodog group. US players can no longer play at the original Bodog website, but the same company has set up this new casino and poker room just for US players.
BOVADA - casino, poker and sportsbook.
(The Bovada name is a mixture of Bodog and Nevada)


- Never gamble with more than you can afford to lose.
- Gambling should be fun and entertaining if you are playing responsibly.
- Be aware that online casino sites make over 3/4 of their money from the slots.
- If you think you have a problem with gambling addiction, you can seek help at gambleaware

32 RED
- Play for fun or for real cash..

All the latest slots and table games including Vegas Strip Blackjack and Euro Roulette.
Includes the Dark Knight videoslot, plus the licensed Tombraider , Hitman and Hellboy games
Try your luck at the MegaMooolah progressive with a multimillion jackpot win possible..

moonshine hitman casino game uk roulette

UK casino live  European live casino  Supercasino Live Casino - Online live blackjack and roulette.

Watch the roulette dealers live on SKY TV, UK Ch 5, or online streaming from the London studios. Blackjack games are online only - players bet on individual hands on regular 7 seat tables.
The online table games are provided by Playtech software from their custom studios.

Play along with the live roulette shows on sky gambling channel or

live roulette

Place bets on your computer or tablet, while watching SKY or 5 TV
Simple to play, and with better picture quality than most internet-only live dealer roulette games.
(The TV Channel is not essential - The same games are also streamed online direct from the Studio. It's just a more casual option to play in your living room.)
Fully Regulated and Licensed by the UK gambling commission. Live chat and free phone support is available if any help is needed.

If you like videoslots, there is also a nice selection here, including many officially licensed movie and comic book characters such as Incredible Hulk, Gladiator, Avengers, Kong, Top Gun, Iron man 3, Thor, John Wayne, Rocky, X-men, Daredevil and Pink Panther.

SUPERCASINO - Live UK and European Casino - Play in Pounds or Euros. Roulette games on TV and online streaming. 150% bonus on your first deposit up to £500.

bet365  Bet 365 - Popular European / UK casino with Playtech games.
Includes Live Casino, Bingo, Poker, Slots, Sports and Financial betting.
Nice clear interface, and easy to switch between games.

UK casino live  European live casino

Also recommended for UK and European players.


BET VICTOR CASINO - Includes live roulette, blackjack and baccarat with live dealers. Play at real casino tables with real dealers on high quality webcams - with premium interactive gaming technology.
Includes high limit table games for the high rollers :)
And genuine cashback in real money, not 'bonus cash'.


Live casinos are recommended for players who know want to play at an
online casino they can trust 100%.
Althought the Random Number Generators in virtual online casino are regularly tested to ensure fair results, for some people there is no substitute to actually seeing the dealers spin the wheel, or deal the cards live.
Especially when it comes to the occasional losing streak - at least you know there is nothing fishy going on - it's entirely down to the luck of the cards.
High Rollers especially will appreciate the trust aspect that comes with a good live gambling site, when playing with large amounts of money.

Slots, poker, bingo and sports are also found here - all under one account.

This is a safe and trustworthy place to play, with fast payouts.
Betvictor also offers genuine cashback deals without restrictions.

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US players  US Players:
We recommend the popular Sun Palace Casino from the Main Street Gaming.
The casino licenses the trusted Real Time Gaming games. Includes some great blackjack games including Vegas Strip Blackjack.
24-7 support and a great VIP Rewards Club with cashback. Also includes big prize tournaments for videopoker and slots players.

BOVADA - Casino, poker and sportsbook - from Bodog. This is a good all-round site for US players. Mostly known for its sportsbook, but also offers a good rangle of gambling and betting games, only missing live dealers.

New player bonuses up to $1000 on your first deposits.

For live dealer games in the US, 5 Dimes Casino is the best option.

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